By ABBATH | Season of Mist | Release Date: 22nd Jan 2016

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Summary: The first album released by the black metal band formed in 2015 by former Immortal guitarist and vocalist Abbath Doom Occulta after departing from Immortal.

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Genre(s): Black Metal
Record label(s): Season of Mist
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By Chris Martin
This album demonstrates why he is held in such high regard in this genre, utilizing the same interpretations he has for ages, brutally aggressive guitar riffs, attacking the strings with a vengeance, vocals pulled straight from the bowels of hell, blast beats capping it all off, featuring lyrics of war, death, and the glory of all things dark and cold.
By Jared
Though the music takes on a new name, the master of black ‘n’ roll doesn’t disappoint and is hard-hitting as ever with his blistery arctic storm of ferocity.
By Tom Dare
It makes you want to grab an axe and charge off on a rampage of untold plunder and destruction through a frosty landscape ripe for conquest - just as Abbath riffs should. [Feb 2016, Issue 279]
Immortal fans, get stoked: Abbath is one hell of a ride, and very true to the music our man has built his name around.
By Renee Trotier
Thematically, it almost feels like a call to arms — a battle cry that echoes through the entire album.
By Diabolus in Muzaka
Abbath is only forty minutes long, easy to replay, and will sit comfortably next to whatever your second or third favourite Immortal record from At the Heart of Winter onwards is.
By Roshan Machayya
What is most outstanding about this album is the production. Production quality and black metal have always been a bitter-sweet love story in the pursuit of striking a ‘kvlt’ sound and keeping up with changing trends. Abbath has found that sweet spot in production quality that can set trends in time to come.
By Michael O'Brien
You know exactly what you’ll be getting from Abbath before you jump into it but what you may not be expecting is for the same old, well-established approach to sound as fresh and invigorated as it does here.
By Darragh O'Connor
Abbath as a band is nothing new; but that is not a bad thing. Abbath takes his past work fuses it with the writing style of King to create something different from “I” and Immortal.
By Steven Lornie
OLVE EIKEMO proves that he can write a good song without his long time partner and even though there is not necessarily a stand out track on the album, it is a strong début record that fans of ABBATH’S previous projects including IMMORTAL will most certainly enjoy.
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