By ADAVANT | Independent | Release Date: 21st Dec 2013
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Summary: The Second Full-Length album by Arizonian folk metal band Adavant.

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Genre(s): Folk Metal
Record label(s): Independent
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By Ashley Nyal
“A Light Cut Through the Void” is an incredible journey of many different genres of music, wrapped in an exciting metal package, and it is sure to captivate the ears and hearts of music lovers all over.
By folkmetaller
Yes, this album is unbelievably silly and more than a little geeky, but listening to Adavant is so much fun that it’s impossible to be concerned about such trivial things.
By Mattie Jensen
The story told here is fantastic, but most importantly fun. That’s truly the vibe felt throughout A Light Cut Through the Void, as it’s obvious the band enjoys every second of what they’re doing. 

By dimiarch
“A Light Cut Through the Void” is a very impressive album, totally recommended to fans of grandiose epic folk symphonic metal.
By Justin Gaines
A Light Cut Through the Void is a completely enjoyable album, and proof that an American band can play this kind of folk music.
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