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Summary: The 10th album by Swedish viking metal band Amon Amarth.

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Genre(s): Death Metal, Folk Metal
Record label(s): Megarock Records
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By Chris Martin
I doubt we’ll ever see a day where Amon does a tender ballad, at least I hope not, but the fact they’re stepping up their melodic game is a nice touch.
By Fraser
This is the most mature and inspired album Amon Amarth has released – I implore you to buy a copy and I dare you not to fall in love with it.
By Dark Emperor
With tons of brilliant headbanging moments and superbly catchy riffs, Amon Amarth has managed to release an album that is both 100% Amon Amarth and at the same time a bit different to keep the listeners fully engaged and interested.
By Phil
Jomsviking is fierce in pretty much every sense of the word, and if you don’t give it its due respect, it will crush you.
By Jeff
“Jomsviking” is a definite return to classic form while expanding their ideas and sound in the process.
By James Weaver
With Jomsviking, the Viking invasion marches proudly on into new territories.
By Carl O'Rourke
It is both aggressive and greatly celebratory. And celebrate they should, as ‘Jomsviking’ stands among their best “in death, in glory,” and in the band’s rich legacy.
By Alec Chillingworth
There are beards. There’s brutality. But there are also a lot of surprises from a band who are often unfairly pegged as a meat and potatoes death metal act.
By James Christopher Monger
With ten albums bobbing in the red wake behind them, there's little reason to think that Amon Amarth will ever change their stripes -- and why should they?
By Chris Tippell
Amon Amarth are never going to make Jazz fusion record or hugely surprise us; but what they do offer is continuous refinement and subtle evolution, and Jomsviking if further evidence that Amon Amarth are still a huge and creative entity.
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