By ANVIL | Steamhammer | Release Date: 26th Feb 2016

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Summary: Anvil Is Anvil is the sixteenth studio album by Canadian heavy metal band Anvil.

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Genre(s): Heavy Metal, Speed Metal, Thrash Metal
Record label(s): Steamhammer
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By Dennis Jarman
Canadian trio Anvil return with 13 high energy slabs of power metal which prove that you cannot keep a good band down.
By Craig Hartranft
Anvil Is Anvil is exactly that, simply Anvil being themselves, and continuing to mature and improve with time as musicians and a band.
By Jesse Striewski
“Daggers and Rum” sets the tone for a disc suitable to throw on while just having a few brews with the guys. Other tracks like “Up, Down, Sideways,” “Gun Control,” and “Zombie Apocalypse” add to the overall fun. So sit back, crack open a cold one, and enjoy!
By Jon Hadusek
Instead of worshipping the past, Anvil updated their vintage sound and made a thrash metal album that’s of its time rather than stubbornly anachronistic.
By Bruno Medeiros
‘Anvil is Anvil’ is an ode to themselves and yet another unpretentious yet passionate effort on playing heavy metal music.
By Reinier de Vries
I could have made it my shortest review of an album ever, by just saying: Anvil is Anvil. Just like AC/DC is AC/DC. The music of Anvil never changes a lot.
By rockavlon
Sixteen albums into their career and a couple after the documentary that sort of brought them “back from the dead”, Anvil are doing OK, but they don’t seem able to deliver the goods like they did early in their career…
By Ricarda Menn
Although some riff ideas come off solidly and are able to ring a bell of the earlier ANVIL, the whole album has its up and downs and overall fails to convey any lasting impression. Sorry.
By Baz
There is no escaping the fact that Anvil Is Anvil is a pretty bad album on all fronts. I feel like I’ve just kicked a puppy by saying that but someone has to because a cinematic hard-luck tale doesn’t make a good band unfortunately.
By Andy Lye
Repetition is the theme, as barely any chorus contains more than just a straight-forward four repeats of the track's title, over phoned-in riffs. It really feels like Anvil on auto-pilot, but with Steve 'Lips' Kudrow's voice sounding more strained than normal.
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