By BABYMETAL | earMUSIC | Release Date: 1st Apr 2016

Mostly favourable reviews based on 21 critics
Critic score distribution:
  1. Gold: 10
  2. Silver: 7
  3. Bronze: 4
Critic Reviews
By Michael Smith
BABYMETAL’s quest for global domination is truly starting to take flight.
By Elliot Leaver
In some ways, this album is a nightmare, but only to the so-called ‘elitists’ who might have hoped that Babymetal would fall by the wayside and fade into obscurity. Instead, they’ve pulled the rabbit out of the hat once again.
By Rob
One listen to this record should see any naysayers firmly put in their place. Bow down to the intergalactic Fox God, get over your prejudices and let them blow your mind.
By ScreamingSteelUS
I certainly never thought in a million years that I'd ever say that the new Babymetal is better than the new Amon Amarth, much less that the new Babymetal is currently my album of the year, but this is the world we live in now.
By Siavash Nezhad
METAL RESISTANCE defies the odds and delivers a listening experience that far exceeds that of the first album, and I am certain BABYMETAL’s world domination is just now beginning.
By Jeff Treppel
Metal Resistance proves Babymetal’s debut wasn’t just a novelty. It overcomes the sophomore curse spectacularly, no matter what genre you consider it.
By Henry Maneuver
I just finished my first cover-to-cover listen, and I feel like I just woke up from a week long bender, and everything is a blur, but I’m glad I survived, and I’ll probably do it again very soon … like now.
By Tony Bliss
A brilliantly executed roller-coaster of delights.
By Adrienne Stanley
On Metal Resistance, BABYMETAL continues their reign over kawaii metal, their unique genre-bending sound that could comfortably serve as the soundtrack for the morbid animated series, Metalocalypse.
By autographvirus
True heavy metal classics littered throughout the record and not a dull moment in sight, Babymetal are here to stay, and I for one am incredibly glad.
By Jack Toresen
While not a perfect record, Metal Resistance does have many positives and enough of them to outweigh the negatives.
By Gav Lloyd
BABYMETAL are not just one of the most original things to happen to metal in recent years, on the back of this album they’re also one of the best.
By Martin Michea
It could easily have been a big mess, but Babymetal is no ordinary band.
By Joseph Earp
Metal Resistance is a sprawling tangle of unanswered questions: not quite a masterpiece, but not quite trash.
By Ali Shutler
High-kicking, arm-swinging and relentlessly daring ‘Metal Resistance’ is sheer entertainment.
By Ali Cooper
‘Metal Resistance’ reinforces their mission statement, Babymetal are no novelty peddlers – they are musicians nurturing their flair and finding their feet in breathtaking fashion.
By Alex Sievers
...when you strip away their costumes, masks and the dance moves you still have a pretty cool band, with a damn solid record.
By Jordan Basset
'Metal Resistance' shines brightest during tracks such as the epic, melodic ‘Amore’, which draws more heavily on J-pop. For the most part, though, its adherence to the aforementioned formula can be quite boring, a word you might not readily associate with a band that claim to worship a ‘Fox God’.
By Tim Sendra
As it stands, Metal Resistance is still worth hearing, if only for the half of the record that captures the insanely silly balancing act that their debut managed so well.
By Editorius Maximus
There is nothing spontaneous about this. It’s all planned minutely, calculated down to the last note and Yen.
By Vim Fuego
There are a few highlights, the DragonForce collaboration being one, but for serious metal fans, this is just a bit too thin on really gripping content.