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Summary: Beseech's 6th full length album “My Darkness, Darkness” was released on 4 Mar 2016 through Despotz Records.

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Genre(s): Doom Metal, Gothic Metal
Record label(s): Despotz Records
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By Natalie Humphries
As a whole, there’s not a lot that can really be faulted with this album, aside from a minor nuance of the songs being stylistically similar to one another.
By Dave
This is Beseech as only Beseech can sound - melodic and hideously catchy.
By Vera
For some of you it will be too sweet, but the band writes fetching songs, ones that will convince a mainstream poprock audience as well. And after all these years they are heartily welcome to that!
By Daniel Jackson
Not every song is a home run, but the ones that are completely knock it out of the park, and they make up a sizable chunk of the album.
By Matt Coe
Many will place Beseech now in more of a pop/gothic metal category, but to my ears these 11 tracks have just as much to do with Lake of Tears or latter day Tiamat as an act like H.I.M.
By Andy Barker
The band have painted such a vivid background, that anything drawn on to the surface melts back into it beautifully. By accident or design, it’s very cleverly accomplished.
By Joe Mis
Beseech’s My Darkness, Darkness is about as pure Gothic as can be. It has a modern feel to the music, but a lushness and warmth in the sound recording that gives the music an almost classic rock sound.
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