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Summary: 13 is the nineteenth and final studio album by English heavy metal band Black Sabbath.

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Genre(s): Heavy Metal, Doom Metal
Record label(s): Vertigo Records
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By Jonathan Barkan
The world questioned whether or not we actually needed a new Black Sabbath album. The band took it all in stride and released their answer in the form of 13, proving that age can’t dull the sheen of the masters.
By Jeremy Ulrey
It's not something that weighs too heavily on initial listens, but as one gets more and more intimate with the album through repeat listens the freshness wears off fairly quickly, exposing an endearing if ultimately disposable set of new tunes.
By Sam Walker-Smart
They’ve quite the legacy to live up to, but Sabbath have produced a muscular, urgent sounding record that does no disservice whatsoever to those early metal masterpieces.
By Jon Hadusek
Given all the distractions surrounding the record’s release, it’s shocking how well everything fits together. For a record 13 years in the making, 13 is worth the wait.
By Hank Shteamer
In the end, 13 isn't what every Sabbath die-hard dreamed it might be: a true pick-up-where-they-left-off comeback for the group's founding quartet. But the record does belong in the view of every metalhead-- not just because such a seminal band still deserves obligatory props, but because, imperfections aside, the record embodies the kernel of the original Sabbath idea.
By Will Hermes
Above all, this reboot shows that the genre Sabbath helped birth remains timeless, insofar as the devil remains gainfully employed on Earth, and heavyweight rock shredding still kicks ass.
By Dan Martin
This is Sabbath of the melodramatic ‘Iron Man’ variety, and Ozzy is in shockingly decent voice, amping up the drama with couplets worthy of Noel Gallagher.
By Angry Metal Guy
Maybe the reason I like it so much is that I don’t think of Sabbath as being divine, and so I’m ready to take this album for what it is and not what it’s “supposed to be.”
By Karina Parker
While 13 has some great tunes that will bring you back to the old Sabbath days, it is not without flaws.
By Hernan M. Campbell (Staff)
13 is meant to envision a sense of nostalgia for longtime fans, it's an album that fondly looks back to Sabbath's heyday and gives its audience exactly what they demand - gruesome lyrics and magnified riffs.
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