By BLAZE BAYLEY | Blaze Bayley Recording | Release Date: 18th Mar 2016

Universal approval based on 4 critics
Critic score distribution:
  1. Gold: 2
  2. Silver: 2
  3. Bronze: 0
Critic Reviews
By Kim
For my money, it belongs up there with classic metal concept albums such as "Operation: Mindcrime" and "Abigail".
By Adam Onslaught
With moments of both beauty and brutality, it is a metalhead’s metal album, one for the collection but certainly not one for the shelf.
By Anmeldt av J.Nepper
"Infinite Entanglement" is a classy and well-written album that oozes quality.
By MBlade
Infinite Entanglement is a great record, it works well as a concept, has strong metal themes, intelligent lyrics and proper metal anthems.