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Summary: Beyond the Red Mirror is the tenth studio album by German power metal band Blind Guardian, released on January 30, 2015 through Nuclear Blast.

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Genre(s): Power Metal, Symphonic Metal, Progressive Metal
Record label(s): Nuclear Blast
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By Nicholas Franco
Like closing the book on a beloved fantasy story, you will want to come back to this album more and more with each listen.
By Saxon Davids
This album is a true testament and celebration of Blind Guardian's sound over their 30 year career and a masterpiece for their fans, and fans of the Symphonic Power Metal genre.
By Ray Van Horn, Jr.
What Blind Guardian has found with this album is inspirational and it's inexcusable the Grammy committee has long kept a sightless eye toward these virtuosi of metal music.
By Tracy Crockett
Music is supposed to be powerfully accelerated and crushing enough to make one’s ear bleed tiny droplets of sonic bliss. And that, Blind Guardian has done.
It seems that time and patience in building “Beyond the Red Mirror” has paid off with rejuvenated excitement. There are plenty of nods to old without sacrificing the group’s forward thinking mentality. Older fans alienated by “proggy BG,” finally have something to sink their teeth into.
By R'Vannith (Staff)
A number of tracks are of a prevailingly up-tempo delivery that harkens to the band's speed metal origins with their irresistible drive...
By Goat
This is the heaviest that Blind Guardian have been in a while, seeming to lean back to their faster roots in places, although not without reducing the progressive complexity of latter years.
By Travis
Beyond the Red Mirror shows the band moving even further into a more symphonic progressive metal direction, but the bursts of power metal and epic vocal melodies ensure it can’t be mistaken as being by any other band, while their songwriting continues to be remarkably strong.
By J
Everything that you’ve come to love from this band is here, from Hansi’s unique raspy voice to André Olbrich’s fast picking, and the majestic epic ambient taken straight from the pages of the likes of Tolkien, Lewis and Martin.
By James Christopher Monger
Nearly three decades into their career, Blind Guardian still sound like a spinning top at the edge of a very high (and very ornate) table, firing ideas into the ether with the subtlety of a Gatling Gun, while miraculously maintaining their footing.
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