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Summary: Norwegian epic black metal pioneers BORKNAGAR will release their tenth studio album, "Winter Thrice", on January 22, 2016 via Century Media.

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Genre(s): Black Metal, Progressive Metal, Folk Metal
Record label(s): Century Media Records
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By Bharat Gudihal
The fans will love every chord of it and it will surely go down as one of the finest albums of their entire discography.
By Nicholas Franco
While the music itself is spectacular, it is truly the performance turned in by all four vocalists that will catapult this album into the stratosphere.
By Bradley
Borknagar have put out another fantastic record, and a fitting addition to their 20 year career.
By Alex Melzer
Not afraid of taking risks by meshing up technically contradicting genres, the Norwegians continue their uncanny streak of outstanding albums, which manage to push the boundaries while remaining accessible enough to keep the listeners at the edge of their seat at all times and staying distinctly Borknagar throughout.
In the end, “Winter Thrice” is another compelling journey in the career of one of metal’s best progressive black metal acts in the world.
By Erika Kuenstler
Overall, "Winter Thrice" presents a rich tapestry of songs; with a total run-time just over three quarters of an hour, the eight songs on "Winter Thrice" each add a unique flavour to the album, with nary a note out of place.
By Tom Dare
Clever, but also deeply human. [Issue Feb. 2016]
By Daniel Cordova
The band has never dipped in quality, but might be nearing stagnation.
By Thanos
Unluckily, “Winter Thrice” is kinda identical to “URD”. There will be times that you may wonder which of the two albums you’re listening to.
By Angry Metal Guy
Ultimately, and whatever the cause, Winter Thrice is a mixed listening experience.
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