By BRAINSTORM | AFM Records | Release Date: 15th Jan 2016
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Mostly favourable reviews based on 8 critics
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Summary: "Scary Creatures" is a dependable power metal album, with plenty of energy and emotion. Just don't expect it to exceed the band's past efforts.

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Genre(s): Power Metal
Record label(s): AFM Records
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By Bruno Medeiros
It is not often that we hear a power metal album that detaches itself from the sea of copies that flood the genre, and this needs to be recognized and deserved.
By YngwieViking
The fresh ”Scary Creatures" is a very emotional, and an incredibly intense CD...
By Craig Hartranft
In the end, Brainstorm fans will find Scary Monsters a fine compliment to the previous Firesoul.
By Travis Green
Overall, Scary Creatures is a very high quality heavy/power metal album and while I wouldn’t quite rank it up there with my two favorite Brainstorm releases, it isn’t too far behind.
By Shan Siva
I mean, the energy on this album is simply steaming, from the chundering grooves scintillated by classy melodies and to the driving bass and pounding drums, which is hardly a surprise when you consider that all the band’s founding members – both guitarists Torsten Ihlenfeld and Milan Loncaric as well as drummer Dieter Bernert – are still shredding and hammering away like they did coming close to 4 decades ago!
By Steel Druhm
I’ve said it and now I’ll say it again: there are only a few bands I know won’t disappoint me and Brainstorm is the vanguard of those few precious dependables.
By Belegûr (Official Contributor)
No songs are particularly special or memorable. It is just one of those albums that I can only describe as "consistent".
By Tobbe
Even if the songs are basically all right, it seems like this is a little bit too much of a routine job.
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