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Summary: The 7th Album from the German Gothic Metal Band with 2 Female Singers (Carmen Loch and Ann Maleyes)

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Genre(s): Symphonic Metal, Folk Metal
Record label(s): Massacre Records
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By Dave
Overall, this album is a good un, with Coronatus continuing to produce the goods and consistently too.
By Adrian Dragassakis
It’s very unusual and daring. Give it a chance, they deserve it. German bands usually don’t disappoint.
By Daniel Källmalm
I know they can do better and they need to stop repeating themselves and start reinventing themselves – still, it is a pretty good album and might be worth checking out.
By C. Hagen Radick
While the vocals and instrumentation is superb, the songs themselves never reach any kind of apex and ultimately leave you wanting more.
By David Locklear
Fronted by two talented female vocalists, rocker Anny Maleyes and soprano Carmen Lorch, the German Goth/Folk metal band, have created an album which features many individual talents. But when blended together it works as well as kale flavored ice cream.
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