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Summary: Hammer of the Witches is the eleventh studio album by the English extreme metal band, Cradle of Filth.

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Genre(s): Black Metal, Gothic Metal
Record label(s): Nuclear Blast
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By Zenae Zukowski
This disturbingly haunting and thrilling album welcomes back the classic Cradle of Filth and is perhaps one of the best albums released in 2015 thus far.
By Daniel Fox
“Hammer Of The Witches” is CRADLE OF FILTH’s grandest offering to Metal in years, and should be appreciated if not with reverence, then at least an open mind.
By Ray Van Horn, Jr.
A Cradle of Filth album can be like a corkscrew-laden rollercoaster ride and "Hammer of the Witches" is no exception. It's frequently astonishing, always outstanding.
By Alice Roques
A wealth of symbolism, historical meaning and supposition, Hammer of the Witches is a delight to delve into and listen to over and over again. Cradle of Filth is a force of nature unlike any other.
By Uncredited
It’s hard to believe that Cradle of Filth have been through heavy line-up changes..., because on ‘Hammer of the Witches’ the band sounds as strong as ever.
By Trey Spencer
Who saw this coming? Cradle of Filth return with a new line-up and a renewed vigor that has lead to their best album since Midian.
By Alec Chillingworth
Put simply, this album is a ripper. The new line up has rejuvenated the core of Cradle's sound and, as a result, etched the strongest, most vitally brilliant chapter in their history since 'Midian' arrived.
By Kenny Newall
To talk of highlights on such a consistently fine outing is about as pointless as a man with no hands, but curl my ball hairs if The Vampyre At My Side doesn’t make me want to weep blood tears of joy.
By Goat
The band have definitely risen above their sub-par outings of late, more than banishing the likes of Thornography in an album that hasn't been matched since Midian.
By Akshay Sharma
Their poetic lyrical and chaotic musical content spliced with gothic symphony is unmistakably signature and despite the evident’ commercially viable’ angle this record should serve to please fans both old and new.
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