By DELAIN | Napalm Records | Release Date: 19th Feb 2016

Mostly favourable reviews based on 12 critics
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Summary: An enjoyable teaser for the upcoming album that will please fans and newcomers alike.

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Genre(s): Symphonic Metal, Gothic Metal
Record label(s): Napalm Records
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By Dark Emperor
If you are a fan of the band or just a fan of symphonic/melodic Metal, this is a no-brainer purchase.
By Dave
A near faultless release so go out and get it
By Keith Clement
Delain show that they are getting better in terms of musical progression. The album kick starts with “Suckerpunch”; with bewitchingly catchy rhythms and bombastic symphony, Charlotte Wessels, the lead vocalist, is simply amazing.
By Chris Martin
Delain’s Lunar Prelude is a fantastic introduction to their music if you’re unfamiliar with them.
By Miguel
What else can we say about Lunar Prelude other than it’s a great appetizer for an upcoming album, and it definitely would get you excited about where Delain is going next.
By Andy Pountney
Even the most gnarly extreme metaller needs their guilty pleasure!
By Matt Coe
Hitting on the two new songs, the band place emphasis on bright keyboards, a stirring percussion / quick guitar break mid-section and equally intoxicating vocal hooks...
By Morgan Ywain Evans
These are genuine, cool people who rather than preach “rock aint dead” simply prove it by kicking ass. Once they draw you in it is hard not to keep rooting for them.
By Craig Hartranft
There's not much to say here. If you like Delain's female-fronted symphonic metal, you'll enjoy this offering.
By Honey Badger
This is the perfect EP to whet Delain fans appetite while they anxiously await the next full length album
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