By DORO | Nuclear Blast | Release Date: 19th Oct 2012

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Summary: The 12th studio album by German female heavy metal and hard rock singer Doro Pesch.

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Genre(s): Heavy Metal
Record label(s): Nuclear Blast
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By Craig Hartranft
There's not much more to say than this: Raise Your Fist is premium Doro, and one of her finest albums. Don't miss it.
By Rustyn Rose
Raise Your Fist is a confident, well crafted, classic metal album, which offers a slab of horn-throwing anthems, with just the right amount of sentiment.
By Ray Van Horn, Jr.
Despite the predictability of "Raise Your Fist", there's a hair more urgency to the album and a lot more angst behind Doro's delivery.
By Nikiforos Skoumas
Overall if you are a fan of Doro you already know what to expect from this 12th studio album and, judging by its chart performance, you have already added it to your collection.
By Paige Camisasca
On her 12th solo album, German metal maiden Doro Pesch sounds more assured than ever, particularly as a songwriter on these 13 taut, Teutonic tunes.
By Ola Mazzuca
With catchy hard rock anthems to virtuosic melodies, the record is a testament to Pesch’s work with great production and clean composition.
By Admin
Unfortunately, I can’t in good conscience recommend this album — the build is slow for too little payoff, and the momentum is derailed by unnecessary ballads.
By Salvador Aguinaga II
Amateurish and lacking in passion. I would expect better from former member of WARLOCK.
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