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Summary: The Astonishing is the upcoming thirteenth studio album by American progressive metal band Dream Theater. It will be released as a double album on January 29, 2016 through Roadrunner Records.

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Genre(s): Progressive Metal
Record label(s): Roadrunner Records
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By Tim Jones
With seamless storytelling through its 34 songs, magical moments of intricate instrumental interplay abound, magnified by an orchestra and massed choirs, while a template for the staging of a musical production sees the principals realising a grandiose next-step in their creative development.
By Bharat Gudihal
The band has given fans, old and new, an album which they will cherish for a long time. This is the kind of album that people will look back on with fond memories; I know I will.
By Jeremy Ulrey
...if you can get past the cheesier elements and the demanding length, The Astonishing is one of their better albums in years, even if its singular vision doesn't offer easily excised "hits" like some of the older material affords.
By Dave Ling
You won't appreciate The Astonishing's depth, value or melodic content during a single sitting, but rest assured - it's a grower. [Feb 2016, Issue 279]
By Thom Jurek
As demanding as it is, the story and music are worth the effort.
By Sean Barry
The Astonishing is an absolutely unique experience. Even at two hours, it demands your full attention.
By Brendan Crabb
For the dedicated (especially those favouring the mainstays' progressive side over their metallic one) this occasionally laboured effort will likely resonate.
By Steve Smith
The band's customary pyrotechnic chops, machine-tooled precision and soaring anthems are all present and accounted for. But here, those elements are pressed into service as cinematography for a fantastical yarn.
By rockavlon
Trying to spread a concept over two plus hours is an overkill that actually makes “The Astonishing” collapse under the weight of its own ambition.
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