By GREY HEAVEN FALL | Aesthetics of Devastation | Release Date: 30th Oct 2015
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Summary: Black Wisdom is the second album by Russian black metal band Grey Heaven Fall.

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Genre(s): Black Metal, Death Metal
Record label(s): Aesthetics of Devastation
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By Mr Doctor
It's rare to find a black/death metal band that manages to be so evocative yet doesn't let that affect their otherwise abrasive and dark sound.
By Roel de Haan
On ‘Black Wisdom’ Grey Heaven Fall takes a familiar framework and adds subtle details and interesting deviations from the norm to build an entire new structure that does not feel alienating, but fresh and comfortable even for those who dwell in the everdark realm of French black metal. Highly recommended!
By El Cuervo
In all, Black Wisdom is a beautifully macabre release. Yes, it’s as compressed as they come and a few minutes could be shaved but I highly recommend it to fans of Deathspell Omega or other experimental black metal bands.
By Kyle McGinn
A wide swath of metal successfully congeals into one intriguing piece of black/death with Black Wisdom.
By Pete Woods
Atmosphere drips and oozes from every pore of this album
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