By HYDRA | STF Records | Release Date: 20th Feb 2015

Universal approval based on 5 critics
Critic score distribution:
  1. Gold: 3
  2. Silver: 2
  3. Bronze: 0
Critic Reviews
By Black Phoenix
'Malachite Skies' is a superb debut album, lighter and darker elements combine with outstanding vocals, musicianship and orchestrations to provide ten tracks of quality Symphonic/Melodic Metal music with a diversity that is refreshing. Highly Recommended Listening.
By Vethorm
And there is this special song which is quite epic and 8:30 minutes long: Harvest Neptune - this song is simply great and one of my highlights! My personal number one is the song CC-Swath of Destruction“, because in this track you can hear a duet with the guest singer LIV KRISTINE (LEAVES' EYES).
By Dave
Everything here comes from the top drawer driving this band towards the premier league of female fronted metal.
By Robert Buder
...definitely a very promising newcomer and it will be exciting to look forward to next releases
By Thomas Becker
Hydra has everything a band in this metal genre needs. Lots of symphonic elements and keyboards, nice sounding, not too cheesy melodies, catchy power-choruses (…) Definitely, Malachite Skies is a very good alternative to the new NIGHTWISH album (...)