By KILLSWITCH ENGAGE | Roadrunner Records | Release Date: 11th Mar 2016

Mostly favourable reviews based on 17 critics
Critic score distribution:
  1. Gold: 6
  2. Silver: 5
  3. Bronze: 6
Critic Reviews
By Shreyas Gune
As far as I am concerned, Killswitch Engage practically wrote the book on modern American metalcore and this album is a fine example of it.
By Eddie Sims
It’s a real joy to listen to KILLSWITCH ENGAGE spread their creative wings with the knowledge and confidence to pull it off so well, it simply injects so much new vigour into their sound.
By Aaron Lambert
As long as they keep releasing albums like Incarnate, Killswitch Engage won't be bidding farewell anytime soon.
By Jamie Giberti
Anyone who thought Disarm The Descent might be a one off for the reborn Killswitch Engage can cast those thoughts away right now. They have made an album full of quality with memorable songs and great performances throughout.
By Nina Mende
All in all, the album is a well-rounded offering that will have Killswitch Engage fans applauding.
By Leon
Scratch below the surface, and you’ll find the warmly beating Red Bull-fuelled heart that has always been Killswitch Engage’s secret weapon – and the missing element that their imitators frequently dismiss in favour of “moar brutulz”.
By Ryan Shearer
Incarnate is definitely a good album and will be loved by Metalcore fans whichever side of the Howard/Jesse argument you’re on, but there is certainly a shadow looming over the bands future.
By Natalie Humphries
Killswitch Engage know how to write an earworm, and there’s plenty of those on this album...
By UG Team
Ultimately, it represents the point of veteran status Killswitch Engage have reached, and they show that they can wield the things that made them stand out in the first place while still continuing to be fresh.
By Kyle McGinn
An easy pick-up for fans, but don’t expect any dramatic differences from previous efforts.
By Thom Jurek
As a whole, Incarnate improves on the creativity and restlessness offered by Disarm the Descent. There is a lot more ambition, confidence and above all, passion here.
By Peyton Heart
If what you seek, cultured music fan, is something new and exciting, venture elsewhere for your metalcore fix.
By Randy Shatkowski
If you happen to really love the trademark Killswitch Engage sound, you’ll probably still like Incarnate, but it still ranks as their weakest release to date.
By Max Watt
Too much of the same.
By Ivan Torres
It’s difficult to recall any major riffs from the record, because, frankly, there aren’t a lot of memorable ones.
By Alec Chillingworth
It does occasionally take risks, and they do pay off, but otherwise it plods along at a pedestrian pace, only to be redeemed in part by Leach’s vocal versatility.
By Brendan Crabb
For all of the frontman's tireless efforts, Incarnate is just a tad too familiar overall.