By LITURGY | Thrill Jockey | Release Date: 24th Mar 2015
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Summary: The Ark Work is fearless in terms of its experimentation; boldly straddling the line between music and noise. It will undoubtedly annoy many listeners, but the remainder will be captivated.

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Genre(s): Black Metal
Record label(s): Thrill Jockey
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By J.J. Lang
For a band previously hailed and reviled for its supposedly sacrilege approach, this is the real radical departure worthy of admiration.
By Mike Copus
I get why people will hate this. I get why people hate Liturgy. But I’ve found something charming about The Ark Work’s dedication to provoke, and for this I can only recommend it.
By Carl Williott
It’s all very overwrought and draining, sometimes sounding more like a baroque construction site than music. But it’s also utterly captivating, transcending pastiche and coming off like some disorienting super-genre that will never be heard again.
By Sean Barry
With all its heavenly might, The Ark Work stands as another Liturgy entry worth endless discussion, raising the question the band has prompted before: Is this even black metal?
By Jayson Greene
The Ark Work is harmonically rich, but very slow; to say that it moves is to point out that glass is technically a liquid.
By Thom Jurek
Ultimately, it frustrates because the listener doesn't get much in the way of reward for the chore of endurance.
By Natalie Zina Walschots
It's not that The Ark Work isn't smart; it's that it's cold, and mean, and loveless.
By ScreamingSteelUS (Staff)
A pig horking up its own stomach lining onto a balalaika could create a more polished and meaningful piece of music.
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