By LOST SOCIETY | Nuclear Blast | Release Date: 12th Feb 2016

Mixed reviews based on 16 critics
Critic score distribution:
  1. Gold: 2
  2. Silver: 7
  3. Bronze: 7
Critic Reviews
By Mark Ashby
‘Braindead’ is a massive step forward for Lost Society.
By Matt
If you’re like me, and you made a snap decision on this band based on one song, then I suggest you rethink that judgement. Lost Society may just become your new favourite thing.
By Matt Coe
Lost Society took a sizable risk in shifting the focus to a wider dynamic in terms of tempos and arrangements – but should be applauded as Braindead will earn them long-term rewards for creativity beyond the expected thrash norms.
By Ian Glasper
... a more credible, mature offering all round [Issue Feb. 2016]
By Destroya Dave
So far, so good, but I suspect the best is still to come.
By Jonty Czuchwicki
Eliciting flavours such as Children Of Bodom or (glory era) Megadeth, Lost Society prove they are full of thick, crushing riffs and electrifying licks.
By Reinier de Vries
Average thrash, well excecuted and worth listening, but that is about it.
By UG Team
Lost Society's initiative to start deviating from their expected output is a sign of growth
By Nayan Deka
From the very first song it'll bring an adrenaline rush to your body.
By Rohan Thomas
I opine that bands should broaden their horizons and experiment with their sound, and I applaud Lost Society for taking that risk on this album, but the band did not quite impress me with this particular change in musical inclination.
By James Christopher Monger
Lost Society sound like a band adrift in an ocean of disparate influences looking for a familiar port.
By Tim Bolitho-Jones
It’s got a few decent tracks and some excellent musicianship, but Elbanna needs to consider ditching the screams or there’s a good chance they’ll become a love ‘em or hate ‘em band.
By Plugga73
In the end, there’s bits to like, unfortunately this is a puzzle that is missing some glaring pieces.
By rockavlon
...sounds both a little too plastic as well as quite calculated.
By Kevin Stewart-Panko
That’s the funny thing about progression and making changes; you can feel free to go off in whatever direction and experiment all you want, but there’s no guarantee that when you deviate away from your proven strengths, the result is going to be a positive one.
By James
With song-writing that can only be described as flaccid and with the previously razor sharp technical complexities of their music boiled down to self-indulgent fret-wanking ‘Braindead’ is hugely disappointing.