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Summary: Angels Fall First is the debut studio album by Finnish symphonic metal band Nightwish.

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Genre(s): Power Metal, Symphonic Metal, Folk Metal
Record label(s): Spinefarm Records
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By Eric James
Nightwish's most underrated album.
By Ben
If you have never heard this amazing band before, check out Wishmaster or Century Child, then come back to Angels Fall First.
By Eduardo Rivadavia
Angels Fall First arguably remains the band's most eclectic album (unfocused to its detractors), and, for this very reason, a favorite for many of their fans.
By Allyson Kenning
Though I love the acoustic guitar, the flute, and in general, the synths, Angels Fall First fails to resonate with me, and combined with some strange songs and Tuomas’s rather…er…underwhelming vocal performance, it’s the Nightwish album I listen to the least.
By Apoch
It is clear that Nightwish have what it takes to push the boundaries of Metal with this release, but, sadly, Angels Fall First is not all that impressive.
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