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Summary: Endless Forms Most Beautiful is the eighth album by Finnish symphonic power metal band Nightwish.

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Genre(s): Symphonic Metal
Record label(s): Nuclear Blast, Roadrunner Records
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By Ant May
It’s a stunning piece of work and one that you really can’t do justice to after a single listen – it’s the sort of album that as you listen to it more, you’ll notice more subtle details.
By Miguel
Endless Forms Most Beautiful is a big part of their crown jewel (I am saying part, as I hope their sound will keep unfolding even more in future releases).
By J
The album is simply full of what we have come to associate with Nightwish, particularly the symphonic, larger-than-life, style that Tuomas has been infusing (and increasing) in every new release. There is a clear passion for the cinematic, and the songs exude an epic and majestic sense that reminds me of the likes of Three Steps from Hell, as well as, of course, Hans Zimmer and, arguably Tuomas’ biggest influence, Danny Elfman.
By AdamDS
Nightwish are no strangers to the grandiose – to breathing life into symphonies whilst delivering thoughtful yet awe inspiring lyrics – but Endless Forms Most Beautiful is their magnum opus, and it’s clear that the band have taken their formula to even more dizzying heights.
By Anabel
Nightwish’s ability to consistently present new and powerful material is both outstanding and awe inspiring.
By Craig Hartranft
Endless Forms Most Beautiful is another fine Nightwish effort, all that you would expect from the band: intriguing, entertaining, and satisfying symphonic heavy power metal.
By Ray Van Horn, Jr.
A few regurgitated themes being this album's only fault, the transition to Floor Jansen is seamless and Nightwish can look upon their new creation with as much pride as "Imaginaerum", "Dark Passion Play" and even "Once".
By Susan
It's a sweet album of awesome songs, and doesn't try to be some over the top attempt at grandly announcing a new era for the band. It's simply a great album. And that was a smart move.
By Justin Gaines
There’s power, beauty, grandeur and majesty in abundance, and with luck this is only the beginning of a long-lasting pairing of Nightwish and Floor Jansen.
By James Christopher Monger
It's a well-oiled machine firing on all cylinders, both expansive and familiar, and it's arguably the group's most immediate-sounding record in years.
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