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Summary: ceanborn is the second studio album by Finnish symphonic metal band Nightwish.

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Genre(s): Power Metal, Symphonic Metal, Gothic Metal
Record label(s): Spinefarm Records
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By Eric James
It really is a stand-out album in their discography and a classic for the symphonic metal genre and for female-fronted metal as well.
By David Rocher
All chapters of this opus are beautiful, captivating, even powerful and unbelievably catchy; Metal in fact seldom gets much better than this, and I can only regret not having discovered these fantastic Finns earlier.
By Cory
Oceanborn is a snapshot in time of Nightwish when they were in their purest creative form, unhindered by expectations or the drama that would follow in later years, and an album that captures the beauty of this genre and what it has to offer the world perfectly.
By Sargon the Terrible
"Oceanborn" is a tremendously good album whose few flaws are more than made up for by its virtues. Anyone who is a fan of melodic metal at all should have this, as it is just too good to pass up.
By Antti J. Ravelin
The album as a whole lacks a little bit of diversity, and sometimes falls into repeating itself. The songs are, however, very strong, and the album as a whole works great.
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