By NOVEMBRE | Peaceville Records | Release Date: 1st Apr 2016
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Mostly favourable reviews based on 8 critics
Critic score distribution:
  1. Gold: 1
  2. Silver: 6
  3. Bronze: 1
Critic Reviews
By Dimitris Kontogeorgakos
The band uses lots of different colors in this complicated yet most accessible sonic puzzle which is so welcoming to whoever decides to take the challenge.
By Grymm
Nine years is a long time between albums, but if that’s what it takes to craft something this beautiful, then take all the time needed.
By David E. Gehlke
Ursa finds Novembre treading the fine line between progressive and all-out Goth, with the results showing the band somewhere between the two. But, Ursa is a winner, much in the same way the unbeatable Classica (1999) and Novemberine Waltz (2000) were.
By Kyle Ward
The potency of URSA’s sparse heaviness is offset greatly by a clear abundance of radiant, ever-changing melodies, allowing for a dynamic, complex record that refuses to let any of its many fragile parts shatter.
By Nicholas Senior
URSA is a wonderful record, full of beautiful melodies, dark atmosphere, and top-notch progressive songwriting.
By manofmuchmetal
... the majority of ‘Ursa’ is a sensationally entertaining and engaging dose of melodic, highly atmospheric and emotional dark doom metal. For this reason alone, it is worthy of your time and attention.
By Earl Grey
If you hanker for the glory days of ‘Morningrise’, ‘Brave Murder Day’, ‘Draconian Times’, ‘Irreligious’ and the like, you’ll be absolutely sated with this.
By Yidu Sun
The album has a very nice warm and lush sound, but lacks sufficient amount of sustenance to drive the album forward.