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Summary: Finland-based death metallers, Omnium Gatherum, will release their new album, Grey Heavens, on February 19th.

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Genre(s): Death Metal
Record label(s): Lifeforce Records
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By Dave Campbell
There isn’t a band around who hits the extremes on both ends of this Melodic Death Metal genre as deep as OMNIUM GATHERUM, and this album is proof
By Paul Cairney
If you buy this album, it will improve your life.
By Dark Emperor
Perfectly balancing melodic passages, crazy fast guitar solos, intricate drum and bass guitar patterns alongside atmospheric keyboards and piercing growls, melodic Death Metal cannot get any better than this.
By Jake Patton
Looking at ‘Grey Heavens’ as a complete package, you are left with something that is sure to make a fair few “Top 10 Albums of 2016′ lists.
By Vera
Try to be immune for the catchy melody lines in ‘Foundation’, I bet you cannot.
By Marco Gaminara
... the album varies from ultra-aggressive to sublimely melodic with such smooth transitions that it’s hard to believe you’re still listening to the same song.
By Madam X
I can’t say I’m disappointed in Grey Heavens, but it doesn’t make me want to rush out and sell my soul to get a copy either.
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