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Summary: "Symphony For The Lost" is a live album/DVD which captures PARADISE LOST's September 2014 performance at the epic Ancient Roman Theatre of Philippopolis in Plovdiv, Bulgaria.

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Genre(s): Gothic Metal, Doom Metal
Record label(s): Century Media Records
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By Paul Cairney
If there is one British band whose sound is naturally suited to being paired with an orchestra, it is Paradise Lost.
By Chris Chantler
The second half of the show is orchestra-free, and tellingly, you find yourself missing them, but Nick Holmes raises the bar for deadpan stage banter. [Jan 2016, Issue 278]
By Chris Jennings
One of those where you wish you’d been there….Symphony For The Lost is the next best thing.
By Alec Chillingworth
Some fans may be irked by the second half’s non-orchestral, somewhat standard setlist - the industrial stomp of Isolate is a definite highlight, which says something about the predictability of the latter segment - but it’s Paradise Lost, and we’ll flip a table every time we hear the intro to Say Just Words.
By Bradley
The symphony may prove to be a distraction at times, but if you can look past that, Symphony For The Lost has some pretty brilliant moments.
By Brendan Crabb
Having previously recorded elements of orchestration in the studio, the live accompaniment often accentuates their melancholic atmospherics, although the collection's really for completists only.
By Giorgos Tsekas
It is definitely not their best live performance and neither their worst. An “ok” typical that any professional band after 25 years of career would easily do.
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