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Summary: Frontiers Music Srl will release the new PRIMAL FEAR studio album, "Rulebreaker", on January 29, 2016.

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Genre(s): Power Metal
Record label(s): Frontiers Records
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By Craig Hartranft
Primal Fear and Rulebreaker is heavy metal as it was created to be. Plain and simple, and easily recommended.
By Steven Lornie
I have to accept defeat and say that RULEBREAKER is my idea of a perfect album.
By Joe Mis
Any other band considering a Power Metal release this year will really have to step it up to even come close to Primal Fear’s latest. Very highly recommended!
By Rick Schwartz
In a nutshell, if you loved what PRIMAL FEAR did before this album like I did, you’ll love this one too. Stay metal, boys.
By D.T. Metal (Editor-in-Chief)
And there I thought Primal Fear couldn't top themselves after their 2014 release Delivering The Black; boy was I wrong.
By Alex
Everything on the album just reinforces the fact that Primal Fear are old grizzly veterans who know exactly what they are doing, how to write their hooks and melodies and which production knobs to twist.
By Dave Ling
As ever, their traditional power metal is enriched with a glistening melodic edge and even at 50, Ralf Scheepers retains an almost four-octave range [Issue Feb. 2016]
By Mattie Jensen
You know, I’ve said it many times before, Primal Fear is entirely too underrated. While they aren’t super technical or diverse release after release, they continue to put out solid melodic heavy metal records, showing off the talents of all musicians perfectly – ‘Rulebreaker’ is no exception.
By Eamon O’Neill
Expertly realised, perfectly executed and produced to a high polished sheen, Primal Fear have all the right ingredients to make ‘Rulebreaker’ a real contender for power metal album of the year.
By Newseditor
They might have delivered a slightly better album than their past couple of efforts, but really they are as formulaic as they come and not on the same level as Priest or Accept at their commercial peak
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