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Summary: Condition Hüman is the fifteenth studio album by American progressive heavy metal band Queensrÿche.

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Genre(s): Progressive Metal
Record label(s): Century Media Records
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By Jonathan Smith
It can’t be stressed enough that this album is a collective success on all fronts, from the fancy and rhythmically mixed drum work and rhythm section to the flashy guitar work and brilliant atmospheric quirks.
By Patrick
Do not be surprised if you come across moments that remind you of ‘The Warning’ (‘Condition Hüman’), ‘Rage For Order’ (‘Guardian’) or ‘Empire’ (‘Selfish Lives’).
By Joel
Scott Rockenfield, Eddie Jackson and Michael Wilton, definitely have something here to be proud of, a success in every sense of the word, and definitely one of my personal top ten albums of the year.
By Nicholas Franco
Condition Human achieves much for the revamped and settled Queensrÿche of the twenty-teens.
By Craig Hartranft
Classic heavy metal: melodic, with groove and density, soaring and harmonious vocals (that don't attempt to drive a needle through your eardrum), lots of large riffage and blistering solos, all powered by an engaged and steady rhythm section.
By Morgan Ywain Evans
Now, the band that once was considered the prog metal cousins to Pink Floyd in some circles in the early 80′s have proven that they can again do ANYTHING without losing site of the core sound that makes them instantly recognizable.
By Angry Metal Guy
Overall, Condition Hüman is a very solid effort, and proves once and for all that Queensrÿche can come up with good material despite losing its two most prominent members.
By UG Team
The pressure was on Queensrÿche to find a way to outdo themselves. The band succeeded here with "Condition Hüman," and while it may not be the full fledged, classic record that some had their fingers crossed for, it exceeds almost anything that the band has released over the past two decades.
By Dave Campbell
I think what this album has shown more than anything else is that if you fell asleep on this band in prior years, it’s time to wake up and join back up with them, because they clearly still have a lot left in the tank.
By KarenS
Orchestral, melodic, stadium sized music from Queensrÿche. Condition Hüman is a classic in the making.
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