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Summary: Rhapsody Of Fire is back with Into The Legend, their second effort without Luca Turilli.

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Genre(s): Power Metal, Symphonic Metal, Neoclassical Metal
Record label(s): AFM Records
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“Into the Legend” heralds the return of the sound that made the band a legend, drawing influences from “Symphony of Enchanted Lands,” “Dawn of Victory” and “Power of the Dragonflame” combined with those of post-Luca members, especially guitarist Roberto De Micheli.
By Shan Siva
A complete masterpiece, “Into The Legend” see’s Rhapsody Of Fire definitely back on track to return to past glory!!
By Mattie Jensen
Into the Legend is like a best-of record composed of all new material.
By Martin Harris
This album will appease Rhapsody fans worldwide and gives the sub genre of cinematic power metal a massive injection setting the bar for other bands of this ilk to try and surpass which I doubt they will.
By YngwieViking
Sudden and surprising…Stylistically “Into The Legend” is an obvious but unexpected return to the original sonic concept of their prime years in the 90’s...
By Belegûr (Official Contributor)
Some of the best moments from the album do borrow heavily from older material, but that is a small price to pay to avoid another Dark Wings Of Steel.
By Alex Melzer
While still a somewhat far-ish cry from their almost legendary albums, Into the Legend is proof that there still is life in these Italians and that they still have a future ahead of them instead of just living off their past achievements.
By rockavlon
Rhapsody remain “Royalty” when it comes to symphonic metal, but they are losing a battle against their own past…
By Angry Metal Guy
Into the Legend is substantive chapter in Rhapsody of Fire‘s ongoing dissertation on the Malmsteenian thesis that “more is,” indeed, “more.” These, the venerable Italian statesmen of orchestral metal, make their case with all the bombast and majesty we’ve come to expect.
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