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Summary: European symphonic metallers SERENITY will release their fifth album, "Codex Atlanticus", on January 29, 2016 via Napalm Records.

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Genre(s): Power Metal, Progressive Metal
Record label(s): Napalm Records
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By Travis Green
It serves as an excellent showcase for vocalist Georg Neuhauser while still feeling like a true team effort, and it contains 10 incredibly catchy songs sure to remain stuck in my head for some time to come.
By Craig Hartranft
Bottom line? I think I like this version of Serenity best.
By Sjak
The song material of the band is without exception still very strong and tunes like ‘Sprouts Of Terror’, ‘Spirits In The Flesh’, ‘Follow Me’ and ‘The Perfect Me’ to name just a few will definitely be very appealing to the fans of the symphonic metal genre.
By Alex Melzer
Codex Atlanticus is not an album that will grab immediate attention or reveal all of its appeal, but is a grower that will let the listener discover new nuances and details over repeated listens without losing its initial catchiness by adding enough depth to lend longevity.
By Sebastien Parent
I’m definitely happy to have some new SERENITY material to listen to. I just wish we could get a bit more, a little change in sound, something to stand out from the other albums, really that’s all I’m asking.
By Michael
Serenity proves with this album that going back to the roots was a wise choice. Georg’s voice is great once again and the composition of the songs is spot on.
By Dark Emperor
Georg Neuhauser does a great job in handling the lead vocals, but the music feels a lot less inspired and more Power/Heavy metal than before, like on the very anthemic “Spirit in the Flesh”.
By Natalie Humphries
Although this is nothing new in terms of Serenity’s music, Codex Atlanticus is nevertheless a good listen and is certainly a release worthy of more than a passing glance.
By Michael De Los Muertos
If there was a university graduate program in post-2000 European power metal, Codex Atlanticus would be the kind of dissertation that its Ph.D. students would turn in: well-crafted, perfectly-structured and with all the boxes ticked.
By Megan McMillan
There’s no new ideas presented here and if you were looking to hear something different than the norm from the band you might be disappointed.
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