By SINBREED | AFM Records | Release Date: 26th Feb 2016

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Summary: SINBREED, the German power metal band featuring BLIND GUARDIAN drummer Frederik Ehmke, will release its new album, "Master Creator", on February 26, 2016 via AFM Records.

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Genre(s): Power Metal, Unblack Metal
Record label(s): AFM Records
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By Honey Badger
With Master Creator, Sinbreed continues their ascension into the upper echelon of today’s top speed and power metal acts. The future is extremely bright for Langhans and company!
By Travis Green
Highly recommended for fans of Sinbreed, Blind Guardian, and anyone who prefers the more aggressive, guitar driven side of power metal.
By Craig Rider
If you crave MANOWAR-like Power Metal, fast and furious JUDAS PRIEST-esquire Heavy Metal or epic-like IRON MAIDEN-esquire influence; for the love of Metal, check out SINBREED, you won't regret it.
By Alex Melzer
Heavy power metal with crunch and bite that will grind good parts of the competition to pieces.
By Matt Coe
Smart songwriting, loads of guitar and vocal melodies to promote sing-a-longs, and Teutonic delivery gives Master Creator longevity and this band their best effort to date.
By Andy
Overall, Master Creator is an improvement that keeps the well-loved elements of the band's sound while providing some better melodies and stronger songwriting
By Josh Davis
Those who are fans of bright, colorful, and highly melodic Metal, Master Creator is a great journey to dive into.
By Shan Siva
Blistering German power metal!
By Andy Barker
I really hope this opens the band up to an even greater following as a band of this class really deserves it.
By Waspman
Sinbreed are quickly becoming one of the top power metal bands in the world, and efforts like MASTER CREATOR will only strengthen their claim.
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