By STEEL PANTHER | Open E Records | Release Date: 26th Feb 2016
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Summary: The acoustic live CD from Steel Panther which accompanies the band's first full-length film of the same name.

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Genre(s): Glam Metal, Heavy Metal
Record label(s): Open E Records
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By Justice
Steel Panther could do anything and their loyal fans probably wouldn’t have such a problem, but it was very enjoyable to listen to these songs we know and love reinvented on “these new wooden guitars”.
By Adam Lawton
Despite the fact that acoustic instrumentation can be a bit unforgiving especially in live situations the band does an impressive job with each performance.
By Joe Daly
Absent layers of studio wizardry, the dozen tracks translate well unplugged, showcasing the addictive chord progressions that invest Steel Panther's sound with such earwormish vitality. [Issue Apr. 2016]
By Kenn Jensen
Fun and entertaining – all I want in a live album!
By Bryget Chrisfield
There's an all-female string quartet... and drummer Stix Zadinia does a bang-up job tickling the ivories... but we wish Steel Panther would plug in.
This isn’t a release aiming to entice any potential future members of the Steel Panther fan-clan to hop on for the ride.
By Haydon Benfield
With Live From Lexxi’s Mom’s Garage, Steel Panther have failed to musically expand their oeuvre, or broaden their appeal to non-fans.
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