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Summary: The third album by Australian dark metal band Temtris is their strongest yet, and demonstrates a continued evolution of their unique combination of anthemic, gothic and extreme musical elements.

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Genre(s): Heavy Metal, Gothic Metal, Death Metal
Record label(s): Battlegod Productions
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By femmepower
For fans who like strong Dark Metal with Gothic overtones and melodic passages... Highly Recommended.
By Matt Coe
Another strong band from a potent Australian metal scene, “Shallow Grave” showcases a self-assured group of musicians who know where they want to go stylistically, and can gain a healthy following as a result.
By Brent Logan
The music, first and foremost, is amazing as every song on this album is different and I will admit Temtris kept me guessing what was coming next. With different time changes, volume, tones, and stages of aggression it was all tight.
By Sergio Fernández
TEMTRIS know how to (capture) your attention and will not miss a second with their brilliant and dynamic tracks...
By Gizmo
Honestly this stuff should go down an absolute storm in Europe and Scandinavia. Get on a decent festival bill and they’ll make loads of new friends easy.
By Chris
See you in the pit as these songs are tailor made to be performed live!
By Sebastian Schilling
A beautiful blend of wurzelndem (metal roots) in traditional U.S. Metal riffing, doomy-leisurely pace and full-size songwriting!
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