By UNLEASH THE ARCHERS | Napalm Records | Release Date: 26th Jun 2015

Mostly favourable reviews based on 17 critics
Critic score distribution:
  1. Gold: 11
  2. Silver: 4
  3. Bronze: 2
Critic Reviews
By Time Lord
It’s an album for the ages, destined to be recognized in time for its blisteringly definitive achievement.
By Matt Coe
If you love Iron Maiden, Lost Horizon, Thundersteel era Riot, solid power metal awaits in the grandest manner from Unleash the Archers.
By Fernando
After today, the album has won a place in my metal heart.
By Jeffrey Allee
Unleash the Archers meld many different ideas into an outstanding hour long anthem of heroic passages, a feat that shouldn’t be taken lightly.
By Rainer Kerber
Britney Slayes screams her head off, and the aggressive Death Metal growls of her colleagues suit the tone perfectly.
By Lotty Whittingham
“Time Stands Still” is the reason why this band have recently entered my favourites list.
By Craig Hartranft
...the vocal harmonies across this album are notable, even exceptional, with band members offering everything to gang shouts to a choral feeling.
By Adam Gardiner
Time Stands Still is easily one of the best albums I've heard so far from 2015.
By Anon
Oozing with talent, Unleashed the Archers is bound to become one of the legends in the future.
By Joel
Unleash the Archers have definitely made the four years between releases worth it.
By Dave
'Time Stands Still', is fast-paced and wildly entertaining, the combination of power vocals, death screams, tasty guitar licks and complex drumming provide a little something for everyone.
By Daryl Soar
A gazzillion impossible guitar parts make up a magical harmonic bedrock for the vocals to stand tall and shine.
By Kelley Simms
The band’s sound is formulaic and predictable, but in a good way.
By bloodofheroes
These Canadian power metallers may not match the greats, but their unique style is strong.
By Simon Bray
Arguably it's Ms Slayes' astonishingly versatile and soaring vocal prowess which is the band's main USP and when added to carefully deployed growl vocals as on "Crypt" something very special occurs.
By Dr. A.N. Grier
As expected, this baby is all about the “loudness.”
By rockmusicraider
Whenever I attempt another listen, the tracks kind of blur together towards the middle, creating an amalgam of which mediocrity is made of.