By VAN CANTO | earMUSIC | Release Date: 11th Mar 2016

Mostly favourable reviews based on 10 critics
Critic score distribution:
  1. Gold: 4
  2. Silver: 5
  3. Bronze: 1
Critic Reviews
By Lotty Whittingham
What is clear is this majestic masterpiece is VAN CANTO’s best release to date, to please the hero within it is recommended you pre-order this album.
By Rainer Kerber
With "Voices Of Fire: The Van Canto Metal Vocal Musical", they have succeeded in crafting a masterpiece; a concept album that is fun from the beginning to the end.
By Shan Siva
You can literally feel the passion and emotion exuding out of the music as if you are not just there in front of the band but moreover, in Hardebusch’s world itself and that surely must be the ultimate test for any crossover media project.
By Keith Chachkes
The story alone is an intoxicating bit of drama.
By Timo Pässler
Those who like Van Canto can buy this one without hesitation.
By Brenda
If you like Nightwish or Blind Guardian styled power metal, ‘Voices Of Fire’ may just tickle you pink, because this is a meaty, new and unyielding album, although at times I found the narration a little too much.
By Mark Booth
I must admit that I was slightly surprised by this album and did actually thoroughly enjoy it…
By Jason Ritchie
This is epic metal and then some.
By Natalie Humphries
Voices Of Fire just plays like an album – and whilst it’s a pretty good album, I’m not sure if that’s what Van Canto were aiming to achieve with it.
By rockavlon
Van Canto are a joke that has gone way beyond its sell by date.