By VARG | Napalm Records | Release Date: 15th Jan 2016

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Summary: German Wolf metallers, Varg, will release their new album, Das Ende Aller Lügen, on January 15th via Napalm Records.

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Genre(s): Death Metal, Black Metal, Folk Metal, Folk Metal
Record label(s): Napalm Records
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By Zenae Zukowski
Admittedly, there were times I thought I was listening to a Killswitch Engage album, and then became more intrigued after hearing elements of Ensiferum and Cradle of Filth.
By D.T. Metal (Editor-in-Chief)
The amount of 'ear-candy' on the album was the most surprising to me.
By Nicholas Pendergast
Not only is it inspired by some pretty scathing sentiments about poor leaders and propaganda, but it is a musically nutritious part of your heavy metal diet. Consuming this will be very good for you, I promise.
By Marco Gaminara’s a rather thought provoking and intricately written album full of well planned changes in pace and intensity.
As it turns out, this is by far the most diverse and engaging release from Varg in its ten year history.
By Shan Siva
Wittily opening with Charlie Chaplin’s ‘The Great Dictator’ speech, its clear that Varg are not ones to shy away from being different...
By Stephen Hill
Fair play to Varg for trying to update the sound of classic metal with the more brutal, contemporary end of our world, but consistency should be their first and foremost concern when approaching album number six [Issue Feb. 2016]
By Madam X
What disappoints me is the one-dimensional feel that creeps in from Varg‘s brick-walled master. Moments that should sound mighty don’t hit their mark, and soft intricacies are just lost in the brutality of it all.
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