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Summary: The fourth album from hard rock/heavy metal band Violent Divine, released on December 4, 2015.

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Genre(s): Heavy Metal
Record label(s): Independent
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By Basser1971
That's how Metal should sound. Honest, aggressive and a pow, right in the kisser.
By Sloof
Fans of Tremonti, The Poodles, Trivium, Alter Bridge and Motley Crue will embrace this band as they have a charismatic frontman named Mike and talented musicians that are capable to write and compose nice songs.
By MBlade
...keeps up Violent Divine's faultless record for supplying great quality modern hard rock.
By Patrick Wooten
Very crunchy guitar riffs, the flow of the music itself seems to just punch and kick it's way through the album at an enjoyable rate.
By Koen W
The guitar licks sound excellent.
By Craig Hartranft
Generally, Violent Divine and Hyperactivity Disorder simply reminded me of generic, run-of-the-mill, modern heavy, sometimes harsh, hard rock. You know the kind that there's too much of already, especially here in the States.
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