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Summary: Detroit, Michigan's WALLS OF JERICHO will release its new album, "No One Can Save You From Yourself", on March 25 via Napalm Records.

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Genre(s): Metalcore
Record label(s): Napalm Records
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The Walls of Jericho are going to crush you with this album.
By Jeffrey Maki
No One Can Save You from Yourself is so in your face that it sounds like a live recording.
By Rakesh Pothengil
The band delivers a supremely aggressive performance and rise up from the clutter of the terribly over-saturated Metalcore genre to give birth to a gem that will go well with fans and new listeners alike.
By Jessica Howkins
It is heavy and it is an album full of sheer attack. After eight years, No One Can Save You From Yourself shows that the Detroit five-piece show no signs of losing the capability of what they do best.
By Tim Bolitho-Jones
If anyone out there still doubts that Candace Kucsulain is the first lady of hardcore, “No One Can Save You From Yourself” should put them in their place.
By Graham Finney
A cocktail of Slayer riffs, Hatebreed groove and Candace Kucsulain’s blunt lyrics, No One Can Save You From Yourself is about as intense a statement of their return as fans of the band could wish for.
By Pete Woods
In a male dominated chest-beating arena the queen of hardcore is back and it’s great to hear her roar once more!
By Eddie Sims
Walls Of Jericho are back, and by and large, fully ready to rule the world of hardcore.
By Kriston McConnell
After an eight year hiatus, Walls Of Jericho are back with a vengeance.
By David E. Gehlke
The pure fury and aggression of hardcore are often masked by the pony show that is the metalcore scene, but Walls of Jericho rise above it all.
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